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      Zod – Last Tuesday at 14:05
      Hi, anyone who want to help me with soldier feel free to comment my game :smiley:

      Life is Pain
      Soldier diamond placement

      ???????? – Last Tuesday at 15:15
      4:20 you popped ult while they already lost the team fight 2 members of enemy down and second numbani is actually hard to hold so. If you can push and you have an numbers advantage most of the time there is no reason to press q immediately apart from when their mercy has valk up and dismisses the advantage. But she used it last fight just before so that was a waste.
      4:54 you put down an healing field but its not of much use to your teammates as you put it in their back they cant see it also you don’t benefit much from it. when they heal up on your field you also gain more ult charge
      5:50 you were low so was the hog you can get 2-3 m but is it worth it if one dies like the hog did and waste time or create a numbers disadvantage in the fight that will follow?
      6:16 try to use your healing field when you ult so you have more hp and can get more sucessful ults done. More so when you ulted when you were not at full health. Little tip the animation gets canceled on biotic field so press e and you can immediately press q. no delay. the mercy was there but not on you.
      I would say the flank route would have been better but as the enemy team was trying to contest the payload but their anchor tank orisa who set up totally wrong didnt get in your way. usually the shield would have been a bummer for your ult. But good choice to demech dva first(edited)
      7:29 again the biotic field wasted you can get your ult way faster if you use it more wisely
      i keep it general though i can’t really write all the small stuff i guess

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