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      Michse – 20/04/2018

      Zod – 22/04/2018
      sorry, i am going to watch it finally
      ROUND 1 – ATTACK

      0:41 – Dont start discussion about picks with people. Yu can try nicely suggest them if they can go something else. For example : “Hey symetra, can you plese take Pharah ? she is good here.” Never ask them questions why they have exact hero.
      1:24 – Bad team comp, you have triple tank, which is ok, why not but only 1 healer, not suited for triple tank and not suited for solo healing at all.
      1:41 – You used barriers too soon, when you will probably not take dmg or only little.
      2:04 – try to get distance from hog, he is doing a lot of dmg at close range.
      2:35 – You dont need barriers, its only lucio, he will not do anything to you alone.
      2:39 – If you didnt waste tem for Lucio you could get easy high charge from hanzo´s ult now.
      2:54 – You should shield Soldier, he is fighing mcree.
      3:46 – You use right click and wait, shoot constantly if you are not there fighting them with beam.
      3:56 – Not exactly great ult. Its too late, you could do it moment ago. And if you did that for soldier, its not needed, there is no benefit for using grav with his ult. Because his ult is aimbot, he is not doing insane dmg like phara´s for example.
      4:11 – If you focused turret lvl 1 instead of torb, thats mistake. He can either fight you or build turret. And torb can do a lot dmg at close range with his shotgun so I would focus him instead of lvl 1 turret.
      4:52 – You need to decide where to go, rein is telling your team to group up with him on left side. You can tell them to go left too.
      5:03 – Watch kill feed, you are going to fight 6 people with 3 tanks, no dps and no support. Its time to go back and regroup.
      5:10 – Omg, it sound harsh, but this is perfect example why this rein is bronze. He is pushing 3v6 and use his ult while enemy rein is shielding, complete waste of great ult.
      6:23 – Its lost, run away, dont die with 100% charge 🙂
      7:21 – Why didnt you use barriers?(edited)
      7:37 – Oh god, and now wasted ult, without your grav.
      8:44 – Dont prefer right click when you have high charge, maybe only if you have last ammo and need to reaload.

      ROUND 2 – DEFEND

      10:36 – Comp is little bit better now, but you dont have main tank, someone with shield.
      11:47 – Your teams should stay on high ground.
      12:57 – You could go to small health pack. Dont be afraid to scream for healing too 🙂
      15:53 – Dont push yourself to roadhog is he is ulting.

      You are new to Zarya, you did well on your rank. Think more about when to ult, usualy you want to ult with follow up ult, or catch them without tank. Tracking with beam and aiming with right click could be little bit better, but its just training or further sensitity adjustment. Work on your barrier usage, could be definitely better, dont waste it when you dont need it. And sometimes you didnt use it when you should. Watch kill feed, you have to learn when to push and when to go back and regroup. Tell others that too.(edited)

      NachtWacht#21260 – 23/04/2018

      As always the usual disclaimer: Nothing written here is ment offencive. Just picking out everything I can find. I am not a Zarya main, just doing the best I can. I am also not saying I would not make those exact same mistakes, I would. But thats in game, a review is much “easier” 🙂


      In spawn:

      To start, press P and check the players. Check what their favorite heroes are. Why ask someone why they are playing sym if that is all they play….

      1:25 We see the hero selection. Your sim changed… to a tank ? Triple tank with Zen as healer ? This is your moment to change to your other favorite hero, Lucio…
      Nobody is talking about the team compsition at all… IF you play Zarya (Which I think is not the right choice now) you could start some talking about combining ults. After all, your ult needs to be combined. At this moment all players are still doing “nothing” and they can discuss strategy with you (or atleast listen to you talking strategy)
      1:40 You bubble Rein… He has a shield… he does not know that he should not raise it so you get charge… so thats a waisted bubble. (I guess you tried to bubble Reaper… but still, it would have been to early)
      1:53 Look at your mouse movement… you are not able to keep your mouse on the pig… hardly doing him any harm…
      1:59 You use your right mouse button. Wrong spot for that, keep your aim at his head and melt him.
      2:30 A simple one… your team is taking the point. You are walking to the point. things go wrong here…
      Where are the enemy’s comming from if they deside to go to the point ? Left side. You are not looking in that direction, you are looking at your teammates. And eveven worse, you deside to look at the tab screen… if an enemy comes from the left… well… think you get the point…
      And indeed, Lucio comes running to the point. Imagine you holding him back in that street so he is not able to get on the point ?
      3:47 Why are you bubling someone in the backline ? You are probably trying to bubble Rein or someone else… but this is the second time I notice it going wrong…. Your positioning is incorrect.
      3:50 For this moment you should have saved your bubble. It would have saved Rein, charged you, might have even won you the complete fight….
      3:55 You waste your ult, probably because you hear Soldier is ulting and you hope to combine. Soldier messed up there big time… very low on health, hardly any enemies in sight… Anyway, communicate about it. Plan ahead.
      4:08 Wrong target. Get the Torb, not the turret.
      4:56 3 teammates die. I hope you are going to say ” wait ” to the rest of the team….
      And no, you don’t…
      5:02 Again, wrong bubble on Rein. And you walk up with him. What are you expecting ? It’s 3v6… I am expecting you to die… and now your teammates can wait on you again… This might be the moment from wich on there will not be any coordination anymore….
      Glad your teammates waited… but you get the point I think.
      5:44 Again, wrong bubble (allthough after you place it, the Rein lowers his shield) Soldier has a healing orb, he is not in the frontline, no need to bubble him at that moment.
      6:30 You watch the tab screen again… what are you looking for ? elims ? I can tell you one thing… your team comp sucks… you are lacking a healer. Time to switch…. or atleast communicatie with your team what the problem is.
      7:00 So you communicated that you have your ult. Why not, since you looked at the tab screen, imediatly discuss with Soldier that you want to combine it with him ? Plan ahead…
      7:03 Rein is not listening… Two options… follow him… or split up… allthough I do not like what he is doing, I also do not like to split up…
      7:49 DVa is still fighting… she has 2 picks… I think the best option now is to try to help her out as fast as possible. Tell that to your teammates. They are however waiting in front of the door….
      8:25 Target priority. A Rein with his shiel up is not doing you any harm. Pick another target, for example the monkey.
      9:11 30 seconds to go, your team killed some people, part of your team is killed, but there is no time anymore to group up or anything like that. Therefore, you do not go left, just go straight in and hope for the best. You end up doing that but now Zen is in front of you because he did go straight to the point.
      9:27 You bubble yourself to early.
      9:28 Bastion’s head is in the back… You are shooting him but hardly doing him any harm. You wasted your own bubble and therefore you now die… (not sure if you would have made it otherwise but this way for sure not)


      10:27 Interesting comment… are we missing part of the sound ? “Lets all take a deap breath, calm down” As far as I can tell, nobody is in need of a deap breath or need to calm down… except you :smiley: So why say things like that ? How about:
      “Well done, we came a long way, we almost had it completely. We can keep them from point A, if we don’t we sure can keep them from point B”
      11:37 I would like to hear something like “we don’t need to defend outside guys”
      12:24 Again.. to early on the bubbles. You have to wait untill you are pretty sure you are going to get some damage.
      12:46 Interesting decision making there… You are fighting with Hanzo. Junk shouts “the point is under attack” and you turn around and go try to defend the point. Two problems I see. You almost had Hanzo down, you now turn your back to him opening you up for free shots in your back and opening Hanzo up to get a healthpack. Both not good… First finish off the Hanzo, then take care of the point.
      12:52 Again using your right mouse where you should constantly be tracking DVa
      13:37 Bubble timing….
      13:41 this is what you need your bubble for :smiley: RUN !!!! Nice save on the Sym

      End cards… Did we realize, during the match, that DVa was doing all that hard work ? I did not… Good reason to help her out if she is that good. Also, since we only had 1 healer, it might have been a good idea to focus on him in the first round. Try as much as possible to keep him alive. (I rather have 2 healers etc. etc. but it’s just something to realize when playing)
      Reading Zod’s comments, he is correct. Soldier has an aimbot, combining with him is not the best option. Still better than combining with nobody… but there are better combinations.

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