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      Whoa – 17/02/2018
      03:57 – Bad ult
      08:10 – Bad use of deflect
      08:32 – Bad dash (trying to escape soldier i guess), lost the enemies and ruined my ult
      10:04 – Should’ve guessed Hog would hook when he turns around?
      11:10 – Zen was right next to me, I should’ve killed him first before dashing away
      12:10 – Awesome headshot 😀

      Woot Toow
      2018_02_16-Genji Nepal

      20 February 2018
      Zod – Last Tuesday at 15:34
      I hoped someone who play a lot of genji will coment it :smiley: but i guess i will have to o it.(edited)
      DFUZE- ? – Last Tuesday at 16:04
      I dont really want to comment on it since I’m in the process of learning and understanding Genji.

      21 February 2018
      Zod – Last Wednesday at 08:41
      ROUND 1

      0:02 – Team comp is not really optimal, this map is not evry good for snipers. You have only 1 tank.
      0:18 – Your team should really go on point, because who is on point has adantage of high ground and you will be fighting in small entrance.
      1:24 – If you dont have very good aim, use right click, roadhog has big body and is pretty close.
      2:35 – Try to kill zen first, or he will counter your ult with his.
      3:51 – You should use ult on point, it was mistake to back out. They had 99% and you had the point. Ou should try to keep it until others arrive.

      ROUND 2

      6:00 – Why give them point, you killed zen and you could continue killing others. I know you were alone, but your team had point and you had dash ready.
      6:12 – See what you just did, you could do the same before even alone 🙂
      6:43 – You hear him to charge shots, you should deflect that.

      ROUND 3

      10:27 – You decided to go after mercy with 6 hp instead of going for big health pack behind.

      To be honest, you played good. You know what you should do. Maybe more jumping around targets so you are harder to hit. Yes you did mistakes but most of them was because of mechanical skill. You should focus on that. Just practice and practice :smiley:(edited)

      22 February 2018
      DanG – Last Thursday at 20:23
      If you ever need someone to comment on Genji stuff let me know

      StarwarsShooter-WarShooter#21695 – Last Thursday at 20:28
      I will look tomorrow, I play a lot of genji lately

      Whoa – Last Thursday at 21:31
      Thank you @Zod i appreciate you taking the time to review my vod!

      23 February 2018
      StarwarsShooter-WarShooter#21695 – Last Friday at 19:06
      Round 1
      0:28 do not go in there alone, you can’t win a 3v1. Lucky you survived
      1:50 triple shurken only at close range, you missed lots of shots at winston
      2:17 double jump and then triple shurken, more chance of hitting hog in his head
      2:25 let your team know you are going in, and kill zen before you ult
      2:40 better use single shurken at pharah
      3:56 waste of ult, should have waited for your team

      Round 2
      6:22 waste of ult, you could have killed mercy without using it
      8:38 you had potential with the ult, unfortunate with your wallclimb

      Round 3
      11:20 you need to look around where the enemies are before you ult, it could help dashing up, pick target and dash to them

      Overall not a bad genji. I didn’t see much of the mobility usage that genji has. Before you ult let your team know with your mic or ingame ultcharge. You need to work on your ults and your choice when to use left or right click(edited)

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