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      Whoa – Last Friday at 21:07
      2018_02_12 Genji Nepal

      0:44 – Bad dive – I was alone and I was targeting tanks D:
      1:31 – should’ve poked first, and dash only to secure the kill. also dash to mcree’s feet.
      5:57 – bad ult
      7:55 – awesome kill
      9:52 – should’ve dashed combo the mercy instead of using a bad ult

      Woot Toow
      2018_02_12 Genji Nepal

      Can someone help me understand why the first round I wasn’t doing much
      but second round I was
      I wasn’t sure if it was because of my gameplay of my team and what was wrong
      *my gameplay or my team’s

      Sky(NotAFurry)Fox – Last Friday at 23:22
      it isnt always about your team or you
      there can be many othe rfactors
      i would say you werent doing much better in the next game, the main problem is that it was stupid for you to go genji, they had a sym, winston and a moira whihc all will destroy genji, I saw your team said also for you to switch, that may have been a mix of them feeling you were doing bad or the fact that genji wasent going to work

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