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      Whoa – Last Sunday at 01:46

      Woot Toow
      2018_03_03-Soldier-Lose-Kings Row

      Woot Toow
      2018 03 03 Soldier Lose Gibraltar

      Soldier gameplay

      Zod – Last Sunday at 08:00
      Just saw a little bit, dont have time to watch it now but your aim is definitely good, i would say plat+, but your decision making is not good. It should not be hard to reach plat for you. I will try to watch it today.

      Dzonika#21536 Bnet – Last Sunday at 12:53
      Video 1: @Whoa Soldier76 // Kings Row attack // Round 1
      Start of the game: Solid communication, good highground position
      0:37 Why did you dropped down? You could probably get 2 easy kills from that highground, hoping into Symmetra’s hug on close range is not something you should do as a hero without some CC or fast blinking ability, wall ride, wall climb etc.
      1:01 Both of your tanks down, do not push, stay behind and wait to group up. Good thing that Winston and tracers didnt kill you there – they had perfect position to take that kill on you..
      1:38 good kill on monkey now go high ground with vizor? No? Not the best visor out there, first you waited to much, Winston even got back to early (they have symmetra no time to wait that much). You hit matrix then symms barrier, wasted. Epilogue was easy to predict, your team was wiped out.
      2:50 another bad position to ult. At least you could finish that McCree
      3:01 Finally some quality shooting 😛
      3:52 Don’t just ignore that Tracers like that, she killed Mercy, if you let her she can get more kills…
      4:00 – 4:15 huh, afk? 😀
      4:30 Far away from the objective plus wrong side of the road bro
      4:41 panic ult, seconds later, nah mate you can’t breach that window
      5:05 Teammates down, mby getting back a bit, to a safer spot
      5:35 again not the best position, neither timing to ult… That annoying sombra, well in that moment he has right, let ur teammates know that you gonna engage, at least.
      6:10 again some bad positioning
      6:33 That symmetra’s sentry far away from the teamfight is way more valuable than the actuall objective and payload, in overtime…. Or no?
      6:45 GO GO GO 😛
      6:58 To late dude
      Okay so, I want to mention few more things, first, ill do defense later, no time now. Second, if the enemy team has Winston, Symmetra, Tracers maybe its better option to go for a Reaper or Pharah, or at least fill that healer role that your team is missing. Third, that Sombra player, not sure how you can listen to him a whole game, I would mute him in first min of the game… Intelligente picks wins the game! Overall, your aim on that soldier is solid but you need to work on your positions, your ulting position/timing, maybe more communications, at least warn your team that you gonna engage/getting back, calls, picks etc. Also, don’t give up to early in that overtime, Sombra was already there and Winston is trying too, but you were just standing behind doing completely nothing = usually end up as a lose.(edited)
      As @Zod mentioned, aim is good but decisions not so. Work on that

      Whoa – Last Sunday at 20:01
      im happy that my aim is solid, and the rest of it I think you called it perfectly.
      @Zod thank you for the feedback :smiley:
      what is considered a good timing for ulting ? (I understand the part about positioning)

      Dzonika#21536 Bnet – Last Sunday at 20:07
      Your welcome :wave: Depends on the situations ofcource, but for the visor, i usually pick situations where i can take down healers or offansive flankers or interupt their ults and kill them. Visor is good in both ways, offansively and defensively, for engages and calls but also for save up the objective. Prefer using it in situations where are you sure that you gonna do it corectly and by that i mean the thing i mentioned before (healers, dps then tanks). 2 times you ulted in front of D.VA and she absorbed most of your ult, one ult was in panic..
      Highgrounds, aim for the healers. Even that moment of surprise can help you. Practice and you will improve. Maybe is not the right time for me to tell you all this, cause im focused on playing healers atm, but 4 seasons ago i was mostly dps main so yeah…

      Whoa – Last Monday at 07:04
      So just an update, I went up 200+ SR today because of your feedback
      mainly because of better ult positioning
      i had a couple of losses, so i started recording after the first round, because I wasn’t sure what’s wrong
      maybe you can help me identify what’s wrong

      Dzonika#21536 Bnet – Last Monday at 07:13
      This is way better than yesterday’s video. Better decisions, better positions, you even communicate more, grouping up and organising the team. That is nice, and result is obvious 200SR for a day is great job!

      Whoa – Last Monday at 23:41
      so i took a look again at all the times i jumped off the high ground to analyze if it was justified
      and once at 2:34 i jumped off to what seems to be unjustified
      and reviewing this, i think my team wasn’t doing good on this one
      on the first engagement our Hog seemed to be off the point and when everyone died, he went on the point and died
      because he was alone
      then we all had to wait for him to regroup
      so a lot of time was wasted on the first engagement
      i believe that gave them a huge advantage that led to winning that round
      I try really hard not to blame my team for losing, but it seems to me this case is different
      also once everyone waited for him to regroup, he then went another way than we planned to go
      but he got a pick though
      they say the first team to get the point has a 66% chance of winning the round, and in this case I believe even higher, because of Hog
      our hog..
      6 March 2018

      Whoa – Last Tuesday at 02:39
      ok let me correct myself –> Hog wasn’t the problem, he was low health and he had to go get health pack
      that made him do a big detour
      and the reason was we had 1 healer (Mercy)
      3 dps
      and 2 tanks
      we need to switch one of the dps to Moira i believe
      because she can dps and heal

      DFUZE- ? – Last Tuesday at 07:21
      In the first round alone I’m really starting to worry the way you ‘duel’ their McCree.
      The first time you died to him, you jumped right into his High Noon, for who knows what reason…My guess is that you thought you could kill him while having Tacvisor active, making you incapable of headshotting him to begin with.
      The second time he goes down to the lowground and you jump down to try to kill him, with their Soldier ulting behind you?
      Also, as Skyfox mentioned, your crosshair is one I personally wouldn’t use at all, it gives you no clear accurate point where to aim while autofiring. It wouldn’t matter if it were on DVa or Reaper, but on soldier, you’d really wanna be able to get those headshots off.

      As for why you lost this. You lost the majority of teamfights, could you blame a solo-healing setup on this? Maybe, but it’s not the only reason imo. You were simply not able to take the point often and when you did, you had trouble defending it.
      Another thing that I noticed…was a lack of Tracer picks in the killfeed. Tracer is a literal goddess on KOTH maps, she has a ton of room to play with and should be picking off their supports.
      Also your Zarya’s Grav…was that totally randomly used? Because I didn’t notice much being done with it, provided you have both Genji and Tracer on your team who are amazing for a combo with Grav.

      Whoa – Yesterday at 06:56
      quick update guys, i got another 200 sr today! D:
      this is crazy
      2818 sr rn

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