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      Jakob – 14/12/2017
      Here is the macree game guys! I had a lot of obvious mistakes like ulting nothing and dieing for no reason.I am gold after all. xD The reason i play Overwatch is because its super fun. And I had a lot of fun playing this match. Hope you like what you see and try to give me some good advice to help me improve! :smiley:

      Jakob Solvoll
      New Macree coaching vid. (2350sr)

      Zod – 14/12/2017
      How much DPI/sens do you use?

      Jakob – 14/12/2017
      My ingame sens is 11. Dont know how to check dpi.

      Zod – 14/12/2017
      yeah i see the problem in your accuracy

      NachtWacht#21260 – 14/12/2017
      Which mouse do you have ?

      DFUZE#21406 – 14/12/2017
      One thing I notice…is that you’re aiming at the floor.

      Zod – 14/12/2017
      @DFUZE#21406 yeah that too

      DFUZE#21406 – 14/12/2017
      you wanna keep your crosshair on head-height
      if you spot an enemy, you need to adjust your aim before you can shoot them, if you’re already pre-aimed on head-height it saves some time.
      Also when you flashbanged the 2 squishy heroes…I wouldn’t have used fan the hammer on them, i would’ve attempted to go for 2 quick headshots instead.
      Same when you flashbanged their Genji after he did his ultimate… his ultimate ran out, you flashbanged him, and he could escape because you decided to use Fan the Hammer instead of going for a single bullet in the head.

      NachtWacht#21260 – 14/12/2017
      @Jakob which mouse do you have ?

      Jakob – 14/12/2017
      ROCAT Lua

      Zod – 14/12/2017
      ROUND 1

      1:17 – You should not be going as first one, its tanks job. I know where you want to go and i can tell you its pretty dangerous to go there, because if your team isnt going there with you and enemy team is grouped with same idea to go there you will die.
      1:35 – You were out of the first fight actualy and they killed your lucio.The team second dps was Hanzo, and if he is not very good, he is really not consistent dmg dealer. The high ground you were is good but its better to be there after you secure the point or go there with your whole team.
      1:53 – Lol, you flashbanged 3 people 🙂 but actualy you could use it on Mercy and kill her.
      2:06 – If you are trying to fight junkrat dont be too much in the open space, try to hide behind walls. Its not easy to hit you with grenades but his mine has pretty big damage blast radius.
      2:43 – You should wait for your tanks.
      3:33 – Your team is pushing without dps…
      3:44 – And they died, what a suprise. And you stagger your team even more with hanzo.

      ROUND 2

      5:45 – What you did was pretty risky. Yes you killed two targets but you are not really a flanker. You cant escape like tracer or genji, role of McCree is more guardian of your support, because you need support to keep you alive.
      6:39 – This wasnt really good res.(edited)
      7:13 – You were kind of waiting for your team but not completely. You gave enemy junkrat free ult charge there.
      7:59 – You used flashbang, but there is nobody.
      8:51 – Nice mercy kill, very important kill right now.
      9:36 – Ah, this suck you almost had him.
      10:02 – Nice end of second round.

      ROUND 3

      11:05 – Nice rein kill, but be carefull, they have pharah, you should focus her.
      11:36 – I would stay with rein to help him win rein v rein fight.
      12:10 – I dont like this. Roadhog was totaly free kill there, almost dead, you had fan of hammer, flashbang and combat roll ready. You should totaly kill him.
      12:50 – You missed opportunity to kill pharah and it looked like you ulted just for her. Which is not bad in my eyes. Not killing her is 🙂
      13:38 – Be carefull around roadhog, I think you realized its not a good idea to fight him alone and you escaped.
      14:05 – If you want to stun Rein throw flash above him.

      You have good moments and bad moments :smiley: I would say try to be with your team more. I like how you were killing enemy support pretty often. Dont look at floor, try to keep your crosshair at head line. Dont waste flashbang and really check information about DPI/sensitivity. Your accuracy isnt exactly bad but it could be much beter with right setting.

      17 December 2017
      NachtWacht#21260 – Last Sunday at 13:21
      Jakob – McCree – OASIS

      Disclaimer: I hardly ever play McCree so won’t have a lot of insight. Primaraly sharing my thoughts for my own education and who knows… I might still see something others missed…

      There we go.

      ROUND 1

      2:03 Fight the Mercy. Thats higher priority than the Junkrat you are fighting, especialy since she is healing him.

      I like your communication throughout the first round, asking them to join and asking one of the people in a friendly way to also join voice.

      ROUND 2

      5:31 I like what you are doing there. No idea if you did it on purpose… You kill the enemy McCree and hide… to come back seconds later catching Mercy trying to rez McCree.

      (After I watch, I look if others also have comments on the same action. Interestingly, Zod has the opposite thoughts. He does not like what you did because apperantly, McCree is not a flanker. There you go, my lack of McCree knowledge makes me think something is good… where it is actualy “bad” because you are kind of “over extending”….)
      8:10 I guess thats one of those moments giving people the idea your aim is “off”…. You should definatly not have lost there. Your biggest error there might actualy be that you go there almost on half health….

      8:26 Don’t like that you threw your flash bang there…. Getting it back takes more time than it takes you to get to the point.

      Very interesting. You went off with a good start, and then had some bad minutes in between… and then you made 10 kills in 1 minute or something. You definatly won that round for your team there. You should focus on those minutes in between… Something went “wrong” there… what could you have done better…

      ROUND 3

      12:13 Does flashbang stop Moira’s ult ? (does it stop any ult ?) If so, you hear Moira starting her ult… and you throw your flashbang basicaly in the middle of nothing…
      (again, reading Zod’s comments, I don’t think I agree with him… yes, you have your roll, yes, you have your flashbang, but Hog is almost dead and you are fighting him together with Winston. I think it would be a waste of your abilities if you used them on an almost dead opponent. Yes, he does get away, but thats becuse of Moira healing him and Winston stopping with fighting Hog)

      13:37 I actualy downloaded the video and watched it back in slow montion to check if I did see what I thought I was seeing. Check that part yourself. You flashbang Hog, then you fan the hammer, but before your hammer is finished, you allready look the other way. Your last 2 shots appear not to be in Hog’s direction. (and therefore, you don’t kill him….)
      13:48 You repeat the same thing here… again, your last shots are not aimed at Hog.

      The end.

      As for your settings, I missed your answer to my question but I see you have a Roccat Lua. This mouse has a DPI from 250 up to 2000. If it is set at the higher level, your 11 sensitivity is WAY to high. You can download special driver software where you can set specific gaming DPI.

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