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      Jordan [TattleBag#21609]19/01/2019
      Hello, could someone review my Lucio gameplay on Hanamura? My rank is high silver, I would really appreciate some feedback! I’ve already made some notes on my gameplay but I’d love to get feedback from someone more experienced. Thanks everyone :smiley:

      Tattletag review lucio

      Okay so, I would like to start by saying I don’t like your settings ( but it’s up to you to choose these ) but I put my settings in a list

      • Jump on right mouse button
      • boop on scrollwheel or on a easy key for you.
      • Switch songs on spacebar
      • Amp on E
      • Ult on A or Q if you’re US
      • Quick melee either on mouse 4 or 5 ( depends from mouse to mouse )

      General tips:
      • get fast keys for ult charge, healing call, group ups etc
      • sensitivity lower I have it on ( 7.00 ) and I’m using 1100 dpi ( this is also preference )
      • switch between songs more often ( try making speed an advantage )
      • booping someone upwards makes them move in a straight line so lining up shots is easier.
      • TALK, try shotcalling it doesn’t has to be the best just try and tell your team what you see and report flankers. You might be shy but think about it like this: the people you’re playing with ? you’ll never see them again in game or irl so just talk to them .
      1:50 Position is good but could be improved, try wallriding on that wall on your left so that you can see what your rein is looking at ( don’t go above his shield )
      1:59 Position is indeed really bad, but the falling back wasn’t but instead of going to open space go backwards and left around the corner so you can still support your team while hiding.
      2:20 waste of amp, just heal them up with heal song and let the main healer do the rest so you can keep your amp for during team fights.
      2:47 great sound barrier but next time try to look for the tire before you ult because one second later and you’d have lost a teammate because barrier almost ran out when tire hit.
      4:13 very bad positioning, don’t stay at the gate, run towards point and THEN shoot enemy’s
      4:36 wallride the bell, makes it harder for the baby Dva to hit you.
      4:40 should have left earlier because you’re all alone so you’re basically feeding them ult charge at this point.
      6:13 Switch to heal song to heal up dmg’d allies and yourself
      6:30 say: team group up next to gate I’ll speed us through go to the right.
      3 2 1 GO GO GO
      7:00 why are you going in ? 4 team members are death and 1 is behind you waiting for regroup.
      7:45 waste of ult, should have waited for team to regroup, speed boost right over the top and go point.
      8:25 call your team back, they’re going in although you’ve just lost a support.
      9:10 nice kill on that bastion, next time try to stay w

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