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      Zod – 04/01/2018
      0:20 – Few things: check players and their heroes using P, say hello to your team and check who is in team voice chat and join there yourself.
      0:38 – I cant say I like team composition. Roadhog + isnt the best combo here in my eyes. I would prefer shield tank or atleast zarya instead of .
      1:45 – You totaly missed first push and the moment you land is your lucio dying and you out of mech almost instantly.
      2:07 – IDK, it would be better to go there and let them kill you so you will respawn with mech with others who died because you lost a lot of time doing nothing.
      2:32 – What are you trying to acomplish now? You are alone and by dying now you stagger your team even more.
      2:41 – Check your stats at 2:41, you did absolutly nothing, only 40 dmg and 1 minute of round is gone.
      2:54 – Not exactly sure why did you change but good choice I guess, because Lucio switched to third tank with 1 healer in team SO taking Pharah is ok.
      2:58 – Good trick how to deal with Rein there is shooting the pillar with concusive blast and push him down from high ground.
      4:11 – Not sure what are you trying to acomplish here. You can fly and you spend a lot fo time shooting enemy rein from ground position. And in a choke point.
      4:46 – Dont be fooled by gold medals, you did very little to capture first point. Yes you had kills in second point, but Junkkrat did very good job there, so you did only cleanup.

      Maybe I am too hard on you but you want to know why you are not climbing. I am going to watch your second round now, I watched a little yesterday so I think your mechanical skill is not bad. You need to work on your game sense, that would not be easy :smiley:(edited)
      5 January 2018

      Merty – 05/01/2018
      My 2 cents:
      1:45 – you fligh in full in front of shield to do what ? diversion for players that are pushing on the left ? melting down shield ? Don’t think thats a good idea, never works on your own, and you become out of your mech in no-time, since most of the enemy team will be focussing you.
      2:01-2:34 – now you continue as baby dVA, shooting at shield to get back to mech, but totally loosing the fact the rest of the team is pushing (and dying) on the left. At least you could give them cover entering the room there.. Wasted half a minute there shooting/healing and then dying at the end
      2:53 – Good call to switch, normally on this map, I do it the other way around; check with phara if there is too much blockage going, later switching to dVA if not or broken…
      3:29 – Well played, you kept them confused and occupied, so rest can start capping point
      4:28 – Why did you go into the hallway at the left ? You dont have flying advantage there
      4:43 – Besides from two players who has to deal with whole team, enemy team didn’t went to point, question is why. Easy win this way

      Overall, good play, but please, focus more on what your teammates are doing and where they are.

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