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      Zod – 26/06/2017

      OverAnalyzed! – Overwatch Coaching! – YouTube

      If you already dont know i suggest you all to watch stylosa videos :smiley: great tips
      NachtWacht#21260 – 26/06/2017
      Definatly great video. 2 parts for me especialy.
      1) Reaper is not a flanker. Reaper sticks to the team and does a lot of finishing off.
      2) Defending on Route 66. Start at the roof of big earls. I played this map with some players from here today and as always, we went up way to far. Maybe we should make some simple maps tips for these kind of things….
      22 July 2017
      felroki – 22/07/2017
      I havent played much reaper but i was under the impression that he was essentially doing the right thing in concept just sometimes executed poorly. If he focuses on that i’m sure he will shoot up into the high ranks

      Lone Hawk
      Sombra is the BEST Carry Hero! (If You Play Like This!) | Overwatch Guide

      I fell for the clickbait, @Zod i think you were the one who plays sombra a lot? what do you think?
      I was not 100% convinced by this video, essentially “if you git gud with sombra you can carry” but isnt that true for every hero? 🙂
      Then again, if you can git gut with sombra, you can git gud with anyone 🙂
      Zod – 22/07/2017
      well she is not exactly carry hero like other dps
      I dont tell you cant carry with her but its much better with others
      felroki – 22/07/2017
      Yesterday i played in a stack with a very good sombra, and they asked us whether he should play sombra or soldier. we won the previous round on hair and i thought the extra damage could help us truly overpower the team so i suggested soldier instead
      but i made sure to compliment their sombra play^^
      i think she is great if the team already has enough dps, but you have to make sure of that first
      Gio – 22/07/2017
      also, you need to think of her as short range.
      So Sombra and Symmetra is not a great idea, or Sombra and Mei.
      Ideally, you want someone like Soldier, hanzo
      NachtWacht#21260 – 22/07/2017
      If you are good, you can, in my opinion, indeed carry with any hero. I am sure that any plat player can carry with any hero in bronze / silver even if it’s not his main hero. I have seen Zod and my son do exactly that. When I have a hard time taking out Bastion (if I manage to do that at all) I have seen them do it even with Zenyata. In the end it boils down to them having like 30+ kills…. And that’s probably what makes the difference.
      But @felroki comment “If you get good you can carry”……
      I think that is not true…. Because in the process of getting good, you are allready moving up. The more you move up, the more everything keeps equaling out and carry means that you are so much better than the rest of the team that you contribute much more than the rest of them.
      As Zod say’s, its much better with others…. That is again IF you are allready good probably.
      Probably a hero like Soldier is much easier because he can also heal himself. You do not rely on the rest of hte team to help you out.
      Making it much easier.
      Same for Tracer. Her blink is basicaly a self heal. When played correctly, which he can (and we in bronze…. tend to not be able to :smiley: ) it’s much easier to carry
      NachtWacht#21260 – 22/07/2017
      As you can see from my comments…. I do not realy believe, if you are playing in the tier that you are supposed to, that you can actualy carry…..
      felroki – 22/07/2017
      I actually agree with you nacht, i was reacting to the video in context, not voicing a standalone opinion
      NachtWacht#21260 – 22/07/2017
      Doing the same 😉
      I think lots of people beleive they can carry…. I tend to believe it does not work that way….
      Unless, like so many people do, you work your way back to the lowest of the lowest ranks…. and then play normal again…..
      felroki – 22/07/2017
      I also dont believe in the notion of “carrying” in that sense, but i think what the video was trying to say is that “if you get good enough with sombra, you can control the battlefield” but imo that is not unique to sombra and “gitting gud” with sombra is not easy.
      NachtWacht#21260 – 22/07/2017
      I am watching it now…. And he makes a lot of sence….
      Only at 3 minutes… but I think I found the “secret”
      There are 2….
      1) You do not have to be good to pull this off, just have some intelligence and know the right buttons
      2) You die less when using the above (so actualy it’s 1 secret leading to this result)
      Definatly nice video. I do think he is correct, as sombra you can be of good value for your team. Know who to kill, know where the healtpacks are that you want to hack, know which opponents to hack. For me, most important when playing her, know to use your E (I tend to do that far from not enough)
      Zod – 22/07/2017
      Ok I recorded my sombra play video
      uploading it now
      felroki – 22/07/2017
      Zod – 22/07/2017
      but i must tell you i didnt play her long time srious so :smile:(edited)
      I did stupid mistakes
      Every time enemy team has ana… i hate her so much
      she has small hitbox antiheal, and sleepdart is death for sombra basicly
      I even fucked up combo with graviton thinking my translocater is reseted :smiley:
      NachtWacht#21260 – 22/07/2017
      You make mistakes ?
      felroki – 22/07/2017
      NachtWacht#21260 – 22/07/2017
      Thats a big disappointment… we need a new overwatch god in here 😉
      Zod – 22/07/2017
      sadly i do, usualy with translocator
      mabye you will see i am hacking healthpacks again and again same ones but i usualy play like that, i try to do something constantly 🙂
      NachtWacht#21260 – 22/07/2017
      Thats what that video by lone hawk reminded me to (again… because I know allready… just can’t implement it….) Use your translocator 100% of the time
      4 September 2017
      Reaveth – 04/09/2017

      Reaveth Wolf
      Overwatch feat $UICIDEBOY$ [EDIT]

      Some feedback would be nice!
      did it while bored
      6 September 2017
      Dzonika – 06/09/2017
      i like that zenata play
      Dzonika – 06/09/2017
      discord pharah and make her a paper to cut 🙂
      Trithereon – 06/09/2017
      Feedback : Stop using so many effects for a game… Less is beter
      after 15 sec i stopped the video >.< 9 September 2017 Roronoa - Last Saturday at 04:22 how to triple jump with junkrat sub me if you like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpI_D6dxzTM
      Roronoa OW
      How to triple jump with Junkrat || OVERWATCH

      Zod - Last Saturday at 09:22
      lol .)
      SkyFox - Last Saturday at 09:48
      I normally put the first mine near the top of the door. So when it lowers you jump and slide up to it. Gives a bit more height and distance
      10 September 2017
      Roronoa - Last Sunday at 11:49
      Roronoa OW
      Hook'em'up || ROADHOG enviromental kills montage || OVERWATCH

      Zod - Last Sunday at 12:12
      haha i like that video :smiley:
      Roronoa - Last Sunday at 12:13
      thanks mate :smiley:
      NachtWacht#21260 - Last Sunday at 12:54
      Nice video ! Also liked it a lot. After watching your's, I was presented with this one:
      Overwatch | It is still possible to set up an 11 bot High Noon with Hook 2.0! | Learn how!

      Made me laugh the whole video.... how much time and effort people put into stuff like that.
      Zod - Last Sunday at 13:26
      Roronoa - Last Sunday at 13:26
      that must took him forever
      so you guys think the content i upload is good? any feedback? cuz im having a hard time getting subs and i dont wanna be the only one watching them xD
      NachtWacht#21260 - Last Sunday at 13:29
      Well, atleast now you are doing the right thing for this channel, it's for video tips :smiley:
      Post your channel in the #general_chat that might attrackt some more viewers
      I loved your humor, but have not watched any of your other vids
      It's not easy getting viewers.... but you are more than welcome to post your video's in #general_chat
      Roronoa - Last Sunday at 13:30
      i have some frag clips with widow, channel is fairly new
      also planning to upload some WTF moments
      NachtWacht#21260 - Last Sunday at 13:31
      I have no idea how to attract big ammounts of people... But to me it sounds like you are making commic vids which would actualy be something I would like....
      When the website is running (should be in the next 2 weeks) make sure to call me and tell me we need a members video channel link. we can put them there also.
      Especialy when they are funny.
      Roronoa - Last Sunday at 13:33
      we'll keep it in mind for sure. thx
      DFUZE#21406 - Last Sunday at 14:44
      There is no secret formula as to what type of content attracts the most viewers... I'd say it's mostly about having a good personality, don't get sucked into a pattern of doing the same kinda content over and over and keep giving your viewers a reason to come back and watch more.
      Mursuvaara#21617 - Last Sunday at 17:21
      roronoa i liked that video it was funny
      Roronoa - Last Sunday at 22:09
      @Mursuvaara#21617 thx m8

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