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      DerDzvero#2797 – Last Thursday at 16:28

      What to do with a strike of such games in competitive? What could I have done here

      DerDzvero#2797 – Last Friday at 00:06
      The only thing that comes to my mind is – don’t die! If I do it, noone will go to objective and do anything. If I don’t, there might be a very small chance… don’t know

      Zod – Last Friday at 06:47
      Hm interesting game, I watched it and I will comment it later today for sure. I think i have few things which can help you.(edited)

      DerDzvero#2797 – Last Friday at 09:18
      Much appreciated!!!
      Atlas already pointed me to some Pharah videos and tips so I’m working on her flight model already. But in general I feel stuck with such games and don’t know what to do..and if those happen in a row, I’m done.(edited)

      wrwndl – Last Friday at 18:45
      @DerDzvero Both your picks are super questionable in the 1st round – you don’t want run orisa as the only tank with a single healer. Should have picked smth more flexible. Pharah pick was even worse, because they had soldier and and you can’t rely much on Anas at those ranks
      At 6.15 you see enemy reinhard charging through the choke and just ignore him, you should have punished that over extending
      7.12 – ulting with so low hp into several people who are on your face is not the best idea
      As for the tracer gameplay – do work on your tracking skills and map awareness.

      Zod – Last Friday at 19:00
      :smiley: man i was just thinking almost same as you :smiley:
      but i will do more detailed commenting
      maybe he has problem with sens
      because aiming with soldier wasnt that bad¨

      wrwndl – Last Friday at 19:01
      good things: evaded that soldier’s ulti in the 1st round as pharah (nice positioning), the attempt to flank as soldier on attack (after 6.15) – good thinking.

      Zod – Last Friday at 19:01
      but he could not do bigger moves(edited)

      wrwndl – Last Friday at 19:02
      ye, that is why I said that he needs to work on tracking skills as tracer. which includes figuring out the sens etc

      DerDzvero#2797 – Last Friday at 19:09
      Well those are nice points but even if my shots were 1shot kills , result wouldn’t have been different.
      What would you have picked as heroes?

      wrwndl – Last Friday at 19:10
      It would be different, trust me. On 1st point I’d try to play roadhog or smth, especially while you still had

      DerDzvero#2797 – Last Friday at 19:11
      Yeap, too limited on heavy heros .. not flex there
      With regards to accuracy i think clips have a slight delay/frame skipping..
      During fast movements it looks like I don’t follow the target in real time, while in reality i am
      That’s why solder and long range looks better – the clip there doesn’t introduce that weird 300-400ms delay
      But my questions in general go into hero selection and strategy. Accuracy is not something I care too much at the moment since my setup does not allow precision for diamond player. Remember we are speaking of sub 2k games, it wouldn’t be correct to expect and target 40+% accuracy and flex with 10 heroes.. my 2 cents
      And because obviously such requirements are needed to get such a game turned… people speak of bad MM, teams and lose strikes
      wrwndl – Last Friday at 19:28

      @DerDzvero try to master 1 hero at a time. You dont have to do that im comp, just find someone to play with in here. It is kinda pointless to talk about picks unless you know how to play multiple heroes

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