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      Insane Mana – Last Wednesday at 21:07
      How I Manage my temper.

      If you are anything like me then you are quick to tilt. When the match starts and there was the infamous one trick symmetra i usually was already tilted, i would call it a soft tilt, but tilted non the less. Even some times when winning the match i would get tilted having to “carry” a player or players.

      Now i experience less tilting overall, and my mood during the game has greatly improved, because i’m more relaxt while playing i make better decisions in matches.

      The key to this is music. I love music, all kinds of music, Rock, Hardcore, R&B to Classical.
      The other day as i usually do i was roaming YouTube for music and found this: but some times i also listen to this:

      The key is to have it as background music, loud enough to hear while in game, but low enough to still here that enemy Reaper creeping up from behind. Some times after a game has gone bad and i have enough salt to start my own salt selling company i will just alt tab out and listen to a song i love.

      Now this method is not for every one and of course we all have different taste in music but i find its key to use instrumental music because you still want to focus on the game and not lyrics. There are studies can way better discribe that can way better explain the effect of music on the brain when gaming. So i will link them at the end of this post.

      I hope this helps!

      How does music affect player performance in your game?

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