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      Hi all,

      I have posted a link to one of my games, wasn’t the best game i’ve had but interested in your views, I am a low gold player looking to improve!

      Junkertown – Gold – attack Moira – defence Ana/Mercy

      Two obvious questions – cross hair is now green but orange and didn’t feel the team positioning aided Ana so made the call to mercy early

      (also fixed the mic issue for future videos via the How it works section l:ok_hand: )

      Gio – 06/04/2018
      Focusing on the mistakes because I am that kind of person and because focusing on the good things will not help you as much.

      First orb was terrible. Don’t underestimate the importance of the first orb. It’s very good to start the game with 15-20% ult charge.
      You are trying to get into good positions. Also, nice decision to follow the Mercy there.
      You wasted orb again on 1:20.
      Always throw orb before you ult. There is absolutely no reason not to do it and it adds extra value to the ult.
      3:00 You could have ran away from the scary robot.
      You keep focusing high health targets like Hog and Bastion. You really should pay more attention to enemies you can kill, Genji for example.
      4:40 That’s how you escape with Moira. Good job. As Moira, you rarely have to die, really.

      Overwall not bad. You should probably try to stay a little closer to Orisa. I think the worst part of your game is the meaningless damage you sometimes do to their Hog. If you want to go dps Moira you should try to get the squishes.

      I love you for playing Ana.
      8:30 You need to always be ready for the Winston dive and have your sleepdart avaible. I used to make the same mistake. Once you begin to anticipate his jumps it becomes really easy to sleep him.
      I love Ana more but Mercy switch was reasonable.
      This is not how you use guardian angel. 97% of the time you want to press space as you are flying towards your target. It makes you less predictable and harder to hit. Mercy is all about being hard to hit.
      10:55 You died here because of your positioning. Stay safer. Stay behind.
      You did terrible in the last fight on the first point. You should have damageboosted the Soldier ult. You should have stopped healing when your Zen ulted. You should have tried to find a rez target.
      12:30 Once again, you should not die here. You can fly to your DVA. Or you can just stay further back where Winston cant get you.
      13:20 OK, this is why I always say that it is your job as a support to organize the team. Your tanks has no idea where the team is but you CAN SEE THEM THROUGH WALLS. You really need to communicate. By all means, you have to try and make Winston wait for 5 seconds and not rush in 3v6 and get you all killed.
      Ok you rejoined team chat. You understand how important it is.
      14:20. Nice utilization of the barriers. Nice pocketing of Moira ult.

      Your positioning on defense was much worse than it was on attack. I find that strange because Mercy has much higher mobility than Moira. You don’t play Mercy much?

      bbroph#2450 – 06/04/2018
      Ah thank you @Gio just going through now much appreciated , i have to admit i am rusty on Mercy since maining Moira.
      Junkertown seems to be the one map due to size , i feel Moira on defence isnt as effective and didn’t have the balls to stick to Ana :joy: (shes my work in progress hero at the moment)

      NKLI – 06/04/2018
      Moira is fine on junkertown. You can easily get to allies with fade and use left click
      There are a lot more confined spaces/surfaces to bounce off than you think actually

      bbroph#2450 – 07/04/2018
      Thanks @NKLI will keep that in mind!

      Dzonika#21536 – 08/04/2018
      There is one way to important thing to understand, its her left click or primary “fire”. That healing comes in two ways, first while you are holding heal on someone and then there is healing effect 3 seconds after usage, to be exact: 80 health per second
      16.66 health per second (for 3 seconds after usage) So, knowing this will improve your healing by better healing management, it seems that you are holding/wasting “limited” heal for no reasson. @bbroph#2450

      bbroph#2450 – 10/04/2018
      thanks @Dzonika#21536 i defo need to get out of that habit

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