Welcome Overwatch hero !

If you are looking for:

Communicative players that are fun to play with ?
Other players so you do not have to solo queue ?
People helping you with becoming a better player ?

Then you are welcome to join us on Discord:



July 2017 a discord server was started with the goal of creating a friendly enviroment for low level players. The problem we encountered was that it is not easy to find people to play and interact with in bronze / silver level. Especialy not players that try just that little bit harder to make the game fun and be communicative but non toxic.

The goal was to create a friendly non toxic enviroment where we would all help eachoter out and there would always be a friendly person that also wanted to play the fun game of Overwatch and where we would all respect eachother.

It turned out to become very succesfull. We have a lot of active players and we even ended up with a few Platinum and higher players joining and helping out with video coaching and direct help.

Ofcourse, it is always nice to have more people participating so you are welcome to join our Discord.

Like one of our members said:

우무Today at 04:04

everyone’s input is valuable
it teaches everyone that at different ranks, different things work at that rank
and have more viability there
sometimes that can carry over to higher ranks
besides, there’s no real hierachy in the game, only elitists, who think they’re better than everyone would think that way