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      NachtWacht#21260 – 09/06/2018

      Press P so you can see who is in voice chat.

      1:10 Not sure why you take position up there… If you do any damage to the enemy, you are unlikely to actualy kill them, they will be healed by their teammates and you are more likely to get damaged and are alone… Also, you have to run down the stairs, will encounter the enemy immediatly at the bottom of the stairs and will be fighting 1v6.

      1:42 Are not not realy using the choke in your adavantage.. almost using it as a disadvantage….

      2:35 Overextending. Why would you go there….

      3:30 Overextending again… the whole enemy team is out there, I understand you are using your ult, but you are turning your back to the team by focusing on the enemy behind the car.

      4:00 So far I have only seen you use highground at the start. I could forgive you a little bit, because you were busy, but this time you should definatly have gone highground.

      Round 2

      9:57 You start your ult. Your goal, take out Pharmacy. At exactly 9:57 you have the perfect spot to do exactly that. You have fill view on Mercy and none of your opponents is seeing you because they are all on the point. However, the next 2 seconds you walk in to full view of all your opponents. Make sure that you are in full view of as little opponents as possible.

      Conclusion: Use highground, position better. Especialy so you are not in sight of more than 1 opponent.

      Zod – 18/06/2018

      1:36 – I partialy disagree with Nachtwatch :smiley: If you can get ult charge faster than enemy team thats +, so shooting rockets to the entrance even if you will not kill anyone is totaly fine. But your position is bad. Not only they see you there but if I was in enemy team I would simply take widow and headshoted you right from the spawnroom. Even if they dont do anything to you, you just showed them you are playing soldier before round started which is not good. If you want to get ult charge just shoot rockets to the doors just before its opening from safe distance(where the car is in choke point) and hide so in the when rockets reach the doors you are away.
      3:32 – I dont think you should use visor there. Its better to save it for enemy push. And you just let reaper to kill you, you knew he was behind the card and you wnet deeper in tot he enemy anyway and showed reaper your back.


      Always try to take advantage of high ground with soldier. I think you can go down with sensitivity/DPI, how much do you use?. Not sure if you know it but if you place healing and press q fast after that you will cancel animation. Not so many things I could comment, match was short

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