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    Several GENERAL tips from many different people from our Discord channels. Thanks to all of you !

    Thanks goes out to Zod for pointing me to this website about setting up your settings correctly. Without it you will never be able to have a proper aim:

    Overwatch Best Settings & Options Guide

    Make sure your setup is correct. If you want good aim, you have to make sure your mouse DPI and Overwatch sensitivity are setup correctly. It will probably help you improve a lot.

    From bronze to gold guide. (also found by Zod, thanks for that)



    1) Communication

    So make sure you have a microphone so you can communicate during the match. But not just during the match but also afterwards. Discussing your gameplay is the number one way to learn. Be prepared to analyse other people’s play but also be prepared to get tips on your own play. Thats the way to learn from eachother !

    1b) Communication with your team

    As Zod pointed out (thanks for that) if we use Discord communication, the rest of your team is missing out on the conversation. Try to use the Overwatch team chat during the match. Who know’s, it might turn out that some of those players like what you are doing 😉 If you have both Team Chat and Group Chat enabled and have it on open mike, then it’s also easy to discuss the game’s that you played.

    Make sure that during the match you have either your discord muted or your friends muted in Overwatch. Else it will sound like an “echo”. You can mute Discord by clicking the microphone indicated with the red arrow. This will make that you will still hear people that join the discord speach channel that might want to join you. In Overwatch you can mute your friends by pressing P and then select mute when you right click your friend(s). Either way will work.(gewijzigd)(edited)

    2) flexibility

    Try to have a large hero pool to counter pick and play with the meta

    3) Focus

    Pick one enemy and focus. It’s much easier to beat one enemy together and then take out the next one than both fight a single enemy.

    4) Punish your enemies for their mistakes

    If you see opponents making the same mistake over and over again (like a Rein charging out for example) let your teammates know and try to focus him next time he makes that same mistake.


    SR according to Zod:

    About SR gain or loss.The amout of lost or gained SR is based on your play. Lets make example. If i play in platinum 2800 +- SR using mercy. When i win or lose i am compared to average mercy stats from average mercy player at this rank. Lets say i made more ressurection more healing, assisnt than average mercy at my sr for the time i was in game. So i will get more SR. So better stats, more kills, healing,less dying, using abilites right, almost everything you do can make difference. We really dont know everything because people will abuse that if blizz openly say SR mechanic. Others think what affect SR are how was your team SR vs enemy team SR. If you play again people with lower SR you will get less points. SR is your visible rank. MMR is your hidden rank. So i could have SR 2000 and have stil my MMR 2800 because game remember me i am better and i have very good stats in gold games so i will get more SR for win and less for loss because game want me where i belong based on my stats with heroes. If someone leave the game and you dont I think you still can lose less SR than leaveg the game after time limit, because its -25 SR everytime. If you leave the game before the time limit or even as the first one you will lose 50 SR.(if you dont join back) You can have insane result somethimes. If you lose you still can lose only like 3 points for example. Once i even gained 3 SR for loss because my stats were ultra good. Not sure if it wasnt bug tho. My friend lost 0 SR for loss, ot was week ago. Of you can gain only little, like 2 SR if you perform very bad against worse enemy team.(gewijzigd)
    If you main non meta hero, its little easier to get more SR if you are good wth that hero, because a lot of players use non meta heroes as throw pick so average hero stats for that heroes are worse. There is definitely more better solder than better sombra players if you know what i mean.


    adding to the flanker part as a healer: if you feel like you are in danger of dying behind enemy lines but you havent killed anyone yet, no matter, just GET OUT. wraith/dash/blink out and slam that motherfuckin “I NEED HEALING” button! If you could distract the enemy for a bit, created some chaos, you have already done something. i will heal your health back up and it gives me ult charge too!
    I think most people who play here know that, but sometimes i play with people who expect me to heal them from across the map. so keep in mind if your healer is not giving you heals, most of the time its because you are in a place where it’s extremely dangerous/technically suicidal for me to follow you. Just come back


    “Get better fast”


    Oneliner: Don’t try to force anything. It’s better to survive instead of trying to kill someone and die in the process.


    3 bad tips nobody should listen to:


    Ultimate Torbjonr guide


    The competitive overwatch guide: Basics



    “I have been top500 or gm almost every season and have gotten multiple smurfs to gm. There is no magic forumla i have spent a crap ton of time playing this game and mastering the heros i play one at a time. There is no one magic hero or strategy you just need to keep playing. The best advice i can give you is stop playing to gain rank play to improve and rank comes with time even on my main if i drop out of top500 losing some game idc i know i will get back eventually. When i play i play to improve on whatever hero i am playing always. If you play just to rank up to whatever number you think is good you will never rank up because you arent being retrospective about anything you are doing. You just say welp another loss i cant climb. I am not some special gods gift to overwatch i got to high elo through alot of grinding and hard work.
    To sum this all up you need to work hard to get results in anything you do and for example i know most 4200+ players have been playing this game for a year playing 30+ hours a week. I am not implying you need to play that much to get out of bronze but need to be willing to put in the work. Alot of lower ranked players underestimate what mastering a hero really means and overestime their skill by a huge margin and that leads to no improvement because you think you make no mistakes. I am alot higher ranked and i still make mistakes all the time. Just focus on improving and be self critical. Sorry for the long post i just wanted to give a real post instead of “lol git gud”.”
    I think its very good advice, he was responding to someone who cant climb from bronze/silver


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