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    For future reference.

    In the end it was pretty clear. most people found it unsportive or disrespectfull. You might not mean it that way, but it definatly comes across that way. Therefore, do not do it.

    ========================= Discord channel copy ======================

    NachtWacht#21260 – Last Sunday at 22:24
    We had a big discussion today (sunday night) about if we think it is correct to say GG EZ to the enemy team (even after they have done the same to you on previous rounds).

    Opinions differ, but I have set up this server with as basic rule that we should all behave and respect eachother.

    To me, saying GG EZ shows disrespect. It could very well be that you disagree. If so, this is probably not the place for you. I would not want to play with someone from here and have them say GG EZ at the end of a game.

    Raysus – Last Sunday at 22:25
    its an insult. who says it , is butthurt , salty or sucks at the game him/herself(edited)

    Katyusha – Last Sunday at 22:25
    Or the enemy did it first…
    Or it was actually and easy game…

    DFUZE#21406 – Last Sunday at 22:25
    in my opinion, ‘gg ez’ is an insult, it has never been used in a positive way and to me it shows a lack of respect for the opposing team.
    And that’s all I’m gonna say about it here.

    Katyusha – Last Sunday at 22:25
    Or it’s not actually an insult.
    I know @DFUZE#21406 , you’ve said it 5 times now.

    DFUZE#21406 – Last Sunday at 22:26

    18 September 2017
    Caston – Last Monday at 08:40
    It is disrespectful and thats why I use it, maybe the enemies were saying the same or insulting my team. I don’t really use it in many games but Overwatch because of the auto change system. I only use it in Overwatch because it changes the “GG EZ” to something else.(edited)

    Atlas – Last Monday at 08:59
    But I do spam it sometimes

    Atlas – Last Monday at 09:11
    But it can come across as extremely disrespectful
    That’s why I don’t do it as often

    Rubenz – Last Monday at 09:12
    Yes it is obviously disrespectfull
    I can’t believe you guys broke up because of it tho

    NachtWacht#21260 – Last Monday at 09:20
    Becasue I hate people being respectfull in the game. There is no need for it at all. Others doing the same is no excuse. What lesson is it to my kids, that are also on this server, if I say that it is OK to be disrespectfull to others whenever it pleases you.

    It’s the main reason I started this Discord. Disrespect does not belong anywhere. I want this to be a place without it and I am pretty sure that most people that joined, that were also fed up with all the toxicity and disrespect, think then same.

    If not, there are more than enough other places where they can go.

    Rubenz – Last Monday at 10:42
    Alright, I understand that.

    MarkNodens – Last Monday at 11:12
    It might not be considered an insult, but it’s certainly a put-down. There’s no reason to use it other than to cause bad feeling in the other team. I haven’t had the opportunity to use this discord to set up any kind of team up yet but the reason it attracted me was
    it offered like minded people who conduct them selves in a sportsman like way. (I know that’s a very old fashioned outlook, but there you are.)

    ShadowStrike – Last Monday at 12:37
    For me a definite no to people saying gg ez

    19 September 2017
    Zoremeth – Last Tuesday at 13:55
    Agree, find it disrespectful and unsportsman-like

    Korki_Schimatzu – Last Tuesday at 16:03
    It’s a slight form of disrespect, which is part of any (e-)sportslike discipline. You want your enemies to tilt to get a psychological advantage. It’s the same in practically every sport ever, except that the disrespect is more or less subtle for different people and different sports. Sportsmanship has nothing to do with what happens during the game. Throwing a few GG EZs in the chat after winning a round is part of it. I don’t do it, because I don’t care whether my enemies are tilted, but I can see where people that write it are coming from.(edited)

    22 September 2017
    James – Yesterday at 15:27
    It is indeed an insult/disrespect againts other players, but i saw multiple times people just saying ‘gg e z’ so the game doesnt replace it with a pre-written sentence

    CrankyPants#210109 – Yesterday at 16:33
    you CAN say GG EZ if it was really easy (3-0) with NO DEATHS or if the enemy gets 3-0 and they say gg ez and you win with 6-3 you can say gg ez

    Anvarri – Yesterday at 16:41
    disagree here
    for me, in all kinds of pvp games, the “gg ez” thing has always been a total and absolute lack of respect towards the enemy team
    you’re just mocking them, throwing them in their faces how poorly they have performed
    these kind of things should not exist in pvp games!
    erm, I think I’m getting a bit Rein here…

    NachtWacht#21260 – Yesterday at 18:14
    Anvarri sums it up pretty nicely. I have allready changed the channel info that we do not expect it from people here so anyone that I see do it in a video or when I play with them can find another place. No matter the reason. Even if they do it 20 times to you, just tell them they are disrespectfull, that will learn them a better lesson. So Cranky, you are warned :smiley:

    And an interesting thread on the subject from the forum:

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