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    Tips on Tanks submitted by our members on the Discord channel.


    always as zarya coordinate your combo’s
    its a rare ult to have cuz the charge is slow
    but dont hold it for tooo long
    it would be a waste of time
    And always as reinhardt coordinate your team! when rein leads the team with pushing in and falling back you have a big chanche of winning


    When ulting as a dps make sure to eliminate dva, Reinhardt etc from the equation as they can absorb your ult and make it useless


    when you grav as zarya also kill that zenn first
    it can ruin your combo


    you can also use boost + defense matrix to rush chokepoints and clear them with a soldier
    or a bastion


    Zarya Grenade Jumps


    Rein tips : learn when to use charge , don’t charge straight into the enemy team without support such as Zarya bubbles
    Remember that you can earthshatter under the payload
    Learn the projectile speeds of fire strike to aim it better
    Shield management , don’t let your shield break and put it on cool down


    SkyFox posted this “shieldhop” to walk faster including shield with Reinhardt

    The idea is, with the shield up, you walk very slowly. If you are in a hurry, walking with your shield down, is unsafe. So this is somewhat a “mix” of the two.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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