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    We had a discussion on the forum which was very interesting. Dzonika posted his experience on how he went from bronze to platinum in 2 months time.

    Here is what he said:

    Dzonika – Today at 12:29
    ah i had same problem when i started
    blaming others, expecting from others to do the work they shouldnt do, bad positioning all the time
    but most idiotic mistake i made
    is one
    that i didnt learn from my mistakes
    cause i came in ow from CS
    had aim know to shoot
    and i thought im god in the game but rest are idiots…
    then i changed attitude, a lot
    start learning game sense
    and mechanics etc
    and LET OTHERS, bettter players
    to guide me
    so my ego wasnt poping of that much
    i let myself to be trained, and train solo as well
    2 months from bronze to plat
    dedicated, playing relaxed
    stopped to care for sr that much, was focused on learning
    and my imrovement and my rank up were 2 best products of that
    so start with yourself first
    learn from mistakes
    same as any other thing in life

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